Tropical Cakes

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VANILLA VACATION. vanilla cake & lemon frosting

CARROT CARNIVAL. carrot & beet cake & vanilla frosting

COCONUT CARIBBEAN. coconut cake & coconut frosting

BANANA BEACH. banana cake & vanilla or chocolate frosting

BOOZE CRUISE. Caribbean black rum cake*

a rich cake, with dark rum, red wine & dried fruits – single layer, no frosting



Strawberry jam | Mixed berry jam | Cookie Butter spread

Each available as an addition, upon request.



1 dozen cupcakes.* $38+

4″, 2 layer round cake. $25+

6″, 2-layer round cake. $45+

6″ 2-layer heart-shaped cake. $50+

8″, 2-layer round cake. $65+

1/2 sheet cake (18″x12″), 1 layer. $90+

* The Booze Cruise – 6″($45) and 8″($60); large bundt ($60) or bundt minis ($42 per dozen)


*Cupcakes – per dozen: 1 flavor of cake, and up to 2 flavors of frostings.

Gluten free options are available, upon request.

Prices of cakes are subject to change with certain flavors, decorations & customization.

Please order your cake(s) in advance.

Standard cake: at least 3 days in advance; Custom cake: at least 7-10 days in advance.

Late orders will be subject to availability.