About Us

Tropicups is a small cottage bakery in Marietta, Georgia – providing you with delicious custom vegan cakes and desserts. Our cakes are great for every occasion and special event – or for those times when you just feel like eating cake. Hey…life is a celebration!

Tropicups was started in 2013 by the owner, Renée, who grew up in the Caribbean. Renée has been baking cakes and desserts for over 30 years. Needless to say, a plethora of cakes and desserts has been created in our kitchen.

In 2016, Renee and her family decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle…but wanted to continue to enjoy the delicious flavors of the family cakes. So Renee took to her kitchen, and whipped up some yummy recipes, using fresh and natural ingredients – with no dairy, eggs or other animal products. And the official taste-testers (her husband, kids, family, neighbors, friends, colleagues, customers and strangers) all agree, that the cakes and desserts are fluffy, moist and delicious.

Now that the recipes have been perfected – Renee is happy to bring those cakes and desserts to you, via Tropicups. We hope that you enjoy our classic cake flavors, Caribbean tropical cake flavors, and desserts.

Give us a call at 503 868 2877 or send us an email at renee@tropicups.com.

Sunny regards,

Your friends at Tropicups.